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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Aggressive church name incites violence.

"Go ahead, just do it! You know you want to!"

This Cast the First Stone Ministry is in a strip mall across from the Iredell County Fairground.

Dixie Draft Horse Mule and Carriage Auction November 2015

Yesterday I went to the Iredell County Fairground to the big auction that happens twice a year. Here are some pictures I took.

This vendor of Confederate flags and paraphernalia had a "Going Out For Business" sale. Did he mean "Going Out Of Business" or was it a clever play on words?

This was the loudest animal at the auction, an adorable big orange spotted mule. She'd open her mouth wide, twist it into ridiculous shapes, and let out a long, deafening honk.

First you stand in a long line to get your buyer's number. These folks were blisteringly fast.

This year there was far less of the "gigantic rusty farm equipment" I love and a lot more of these decorative mushrooms, elves, Sambos, etc.

These guys sat in the same place for a couple hours at least.

This man raises dogs of the kind he has tucked in his jacket here.

My favorite auctioneer, and the only woman.

You can't see the tiny American bulldog in the lap of this kid with the orange hat. There were so many puppies being sold all around the fairgrounds, and some given away. In fact I was tempted to pick one up myself. Notice Buddha in this picture.

The old dude gazing down at what the auctioneer called a "rebel bench" won the auction.

An exhausted family. Many of the Mennonites came down from Pennsylvania and were selling everything from carriages and horses to fried pies.

This donkey is anatomically correct.

I bought this excavator for my grandson.