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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bulgarian National Revival Architecture - construction details

I took a lot of pictures of Bulgarian revival architecture houses. Many shots were of falling-down buildings, not because there weren't great ones in good condition (like this first one, with our rental car in front of it), but because houses with bits falling off them show construction details so well.

PLEASE click on these pictures to see the great detail! You can build your own!

I was thrilled to see that in some towns, such as Kopachevitsa, there are builders working right now with skill and knowledge of this style sufficient to create perfectly in the old style.

Wikipedia says the Bulgarian national revival "started with the historical book, Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya, written by the Hilendar Monastery monk of Bulgarian origin Paisius in 1762 and lasted until the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878."

What it looks like to me (I'm no architect) is that a post and beam framework is erected, usually on a stone foundation, and then the spaces were filled up with wattle-and-daub (woven sticks and mud), or mud bricks, or homemade clay bricks, or stone, or - often! - a combination of all those materials.

Sometimes the building was plastered but often it wasn't. The ones with mud bricks disintegrate when the plaster falls off.

Maybe I could get my friend Bob to build me a donkey barn in this style...

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At 1:47 PM, Blogger vanya'sArt said...

I happend to visit your blog and got interested in your Bulgarian Revival Architecture picture.I am Bulgarian myself who lives in USA.I liked your pictures,I guess they depict some small vilages in the mountains.I wonder if I can get your permision to use them as reference photos for paintings or drawings.I myself am a weekend artist who likes to laern diferent media.And I dont mean to sell the pieces which I intend to paint but I may put it for a fed back on Wet Canvas.


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