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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Telenovela Alborada, #14

This is one in a series of recaps of the Univision telenovela Alborada.
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Wednesday: After being mugged by the guards, Hipólita and Antonio are unconscious in the dirt and Ada, unharmed, is pounding her fist on the ground. Antonio wakes up, staggers to his feet, and carries his bleeding, unconscious wife to the carriage. The nearest "healer" is an hour away, there is no doctor in the area.

The healer, in a tent, waves carrot tops over Hipólita and moans. He says her spirit is leaving her body and she is "dead in life." This doesn't reassure Antonio so he bundles her up and goes off in search of a city doctor. The random doctor he finds says: "Well, she didn't crack her skull, but she's awfully confused, and she doesn't remember stuff, and sometimes that lasts a few hours and sometimes forever, and would you please get her out of my examining room?" Antonio leaves her with Ada while he goes in search of help.
The soldiers who beat up our little family go to headquarters and give the hapless travelers' documents, and also bundled-up little Rafael (who has been giving a potion to keep him quiet!) to their commandant, who in turn gives them to Gasca, who takes them straight to Juana and Modesta, who beam upon Rafael and change his wet diaper. Mission Accomplished.

Without the documents, Ada can never again claim that Rafael is her son, nor can any of them leave the country! Juana's happy to hear Hipólita has been so severely wounded, and hopes fervently that she will die.

Malaquias visits Juana and says: "Why actually, yes, you DO have to pay Isabel back for that loan you took twenty years ago, on which you have made no payments." Juana is very indignant and exclaims: "How I hate her!" (I hear many celebrities and other rich folks are like this - they run up huge debts and are astounded when expected to pay up. Charles Dickens wrote about this too.)

Elsewhere, Victoria the Pirate Queen asks her mother Sara's henchmen to find Elvira Sandoval, dressmaker, who was the last person known to have Victoria's daughter. Victoria is tired of hiding and asks her mother: "Don't you want to see the sunlight? You've been hiding in here for 36 years!"

Elsewhere, Perla sneaks back into town and knocks at Felipe and Carmela's door. Luckily Marcos answers - it's a needed break from stuffing his face with Carmela's enchiladas. Perla: "I want to talk to Martin." "Well, you can't cause he was killed at that beach settlement where you sent Hipólita." "No lo puedo creer! (I don't believe it!) Does Luis know?" "Of course, and he'll kill you, and it will give me great pleasure to see him do it."

Perla, feeling unwelcome, sneaks off to Cristóbal's place - he takes her in! I think he's hoping she'll help lead them to the [previous] kidnappers in some way.

Proper little Catalina is horrified to see Perla, a whore, moving into Cristóbal's palace. Catalina's mom doesn't help by saying: "Well, we're here on sufferance too, you know, and besides, Cristóbal's not a religious man any more, and men, after all, have their needs."

At the inn, a drunken Diego tries to persuade a drunken Rodrigo to stay in Mexico and hang out: "You're the only fun person I know - my family is the worst family in the world, and all the people I know either envy me or fear me." Diego then dangles this entertaining prospect: "Tomorrow we'll take another whack at buying Catalina from her father, Francisco, to be your mistress. Her father still needs the money."

At a different bar, Francisco is also drunk. He is gambling, and losing a lot of money (money he doesn't have), while a sweet young thing presses her bosom against him. I guess this is the way gentlemen behave; no wonder Francisco is embarrassed that his son, Andrés, is earning a living rather than following in his father's footsteps!

Cristóbal's search for info about Sara and Victoria has yielded a very old edict accusing Victoria of the homicide of her own husband, the younger brother of the Grand Inquisitor. The edict also mentioned Sara and concluded: "neither has ever been found."

Victoria the Pirate Queen, to her mother Sara: "Don Ignacio told me the man who killed my husband and stole my daughter was a no-account guy with a scar." Sara puts this together with her own spy's report and supposes it was Gasca. "Mom, would you recognize him?" "It was a long time ago." Sara doesn't want to go look at him, which makes Victoria ask, "Ma, how long have you been living locked away from the sun? First in that horrible warehouse (or wineshop or grocery store) and then here?" Thirty-six years. "What kind of a life is that?" The life that took me. "No, the life you chose. ... we could go to another city, another country." "NO! This is where 'their' ashes are, I can't leave them." (The ashes of her parents, who were burned for being Jews - on Juana's instigation!)

Meanwhile Aunt Isabel bustles off to the capital, dragging Marina along; they distribute used clothes to the poor and shmooze with the Regidor's wife. Isabel sees Ada sitting outside the doctor's office and gets the whole story. Hearing that Hipólita needs a calm peaceful place to recuperate, Isabel takes her to the Palace Guevara! Is she crazy? *That place* calm and peaceful???

Bustling into the Guevara Palace, with her entourage behind her carrying the unconscious Hipólita, Isabel encounters Catalina, who is waiting in the hall while her mom tries to screw up the courage to blackmail Juana (as her husband Francisco has commanded). The blackmailing isn't going so well, Juana is denying everything and shaking her cane in a terrifying manner. Asunción is whimpering.

We end with Isabel fussing over the heaving unconscious Hipólita.

Thursday: In a roadside Howard Johnson's, Felipe tells Luis he's worried about Carmela's substituting of Marcos for their dead son Martin: "Marcos is not used to family life, he's been on his own since he was 16."

Then Felipe urges Luis to fight for the woman he wants: "You don't know what destiny will bring. Look at me! I had a smart strong son and suddenly he's gone. I regret I didn't enjoy him more, talk with him more, sharing dreams and sorrows with him... Don't make the mistake I did! Don't let the good of life slip through your fingers, because who knows if it will still be there tomorrow?" [My thoughts exactly -- Ed.]

Isabel defends Luis to everybody who suspects he was instigator of the disastrous robbery. Her excellent point is that Luis loves and wants both the mom and the baby and would never have hatched a plan to separate them, much less to harm Hipólita. Ada whimpers and rants, and wonderfully, Isabel tells her to shut up and not bother the unconscious Hipólita with her moaning.

One of my commenters wrote: "Hipólita's maid Adalgisa is getting on my last nerve with her whining and crying. I wish she'd just shut up already." I agree - Adalgisa delivers a noxious combination of ineffectual behavior, nagging, scolding, overacting and self-importance.

In Juana's chambers, Modesta and Juana complacently survey the sleeping Rafael, whom they have successfully stolen. But Juana is worried about Francisco's threat to expose Diego as the diddler of Esperanza.

Catalina and Marina, seeking help for the unconscious and heaving Hipólita, hurry to find Cristóbal at his palace. Instead, though, they are waylaid by Diego, who's been lying in wait there for them. He insists (saying Catalina's father would want it) that they visit with him and Rodrigo. Clotilda wants to chaperone but Diego says no, trust me - and bring wine!

He grabs both girls and, massaging Marina's butt, shoves them into the house and sits them down to "visit." They are wretched and silent. "Silence in women is one of their greatest virtues," Diego says. He suggests to Marina that she go off with him alone to his farm for a few days. Rodrigo is uncomfortable and Diego mocks him.

Cristóbal gets home, is told of the situation, and storms into the sitting room, saying young girls should not be alone with men. Diego mocks him and says "we all know the reason you have Catalina and her awful father here is that YOU want her for a lover."

Cristóbal says "Apologize or give me satisfaction!" (That is, a duel.) Diego votes for the duel; as we have seen for weeks, dueling is his only hobby besides drinking and whoring. After Diego and Rodrigo leave, Catalina cries because she thinks Cristóbal will be killed. Clotilde tries to reassure her by saying Cristóbal is not manco (one-armed).

Leaving, Rodrigo tells Diego: "You were in the wrong and should have apologized." Diego: "Never! And, will you be my second? Let's give him what he deserves [death] and finish the business." Rodrigo sullenly agrees, and they plan to meet that night at the Guevara Palace.

Perla, who overheard the whole thing, asks Clotilde the housekeeper about it and gets the cold shoulder. Perla soliloquizes: "I know you despise me, but it's not my fault I'm a whore. My mother threw me in the garbage. The man who found me sold me to a bordello and when I matured I was offered to the clients. Luis was the only person who didn't mistreat me. Cristóbal knows this, he took me in because I have nowhere to go." This speech would have gone down better with me if Perla hadn't been busting out of her dress so ostentatiously. Clotilde is moved, though, and offers her tea.

Antonio is furious that his wife has been brought to the Guevara Castle, home of the very people who harmed her! I don't blame him!

Juana, also, is angry that Isabel has brought the wounded Hipólita to the castle - just a couple walls away from the sequestered stolen boy, Rafael! "I thought we'd have more time." Modesta suggests spiriting Rafael away to Valverdes for a while. Juana agrees - she tells Gasca to arrive after a while with a trumped-up ransom note - subsequently Raphael will be brought back to the Palace ...

Sara's spy Higinio finds the coachman who witnessed the robber and gets the story. He also finds Doña Elvira's neighbor, who tells him that one daughter (the daughter of Victoria the Pirate Queen) has left Elvira's house - "married, maybe."

Cristóbal takes care of the feverish Hipólita. She wakes up for a bit and doesn't recognize her husband Antonio or Cristóbal (Cristóbal tells Antonio: "Let's keep this [amnesia] quiet.").

I think "AMNESIA" functions in soap operas as "ALIENS IN THE 14th CHAPTER" does in lame novels. See Miss Snark for more information on aliens in the 14th chapter.

Esperanza (Luis's wife) finds out that Hipólita (Luis's lover) is right there in the Guevara Palace, a mere wall away! She pitches a huge hissy fit and storms into Juana's chamber (where a discussion of a faked ransom note is taking place with Gasca). Juana throws her out.

Esperanza gets so angry at this "insult" to her honor (though Juana acidly remarks she's the last person to be worrying about honor) that she blows a gasket and a miscarriage ensues. She wants to keep it quiet but Juana notices and sends for a midwife. Esperanza is desperate: "The Virgin promised me this baby!" The ever empathetic Juana rolls her eyes and leaves.

Cristóbal, Antonio, and Rodrigo visit the Captain of the Guards, hoping for information about the disastrous robbery of Rafael and the travel documents. The Captain is supremely uninterested. He claims it wasn't his men who did it, it was robbers dressed in stolen uniforms. "But why would robbers take documents and a baby?"

The captain says he'll investigate. Oh, sure! He's just like the policeman who took my stolen-car report in Washington, DC. I'm sure he'll do JUST as good an investigation.

When I called the DC police department a week after my car was stolen, I said, "I'm calling to see if my car was found..." and they interrupted, saying, "No, it hasn't" WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME WHO I WAS!!! That shows how many cars were found in DC that week.

And then my car was found on the street three blocks from where it was stolen. Want to know how?

Months later (after the insurance was settled) I got a lot of parking tickets for it! It had evidently been abandoned on the street a day after it was stolen. I had to call the police and say, "you've been sending me parking tickets for a while, maybe you could swing by this address (I read it off one of the parking tickets) and take a look." I had to make that phone call twice. They eventually "swung by" and, yes, my car WAS there.

But then I had to send SIX faxes of my DC police report BACK to the DC police to prove to them that the car had been stolen!

Somebody's tax dollars hard at work.

Finally - in her feverish dreams Hipólita replays scenes of the now deceased Martin - for instance, that lovely time on the boat from Panama, when she was full of optimism and Martin was sweet and helpful. And when she begged him: "don't abandon me." Has he come for her in her dreams? Is Martin trying to lead her to the afterlife?

Friday: Don't panic, I DID tape the episode, but I was out late tonight playing a gig in Winston-Salem and don't have time to watch right now. I'll recap it by Saturday afternoon, I promise...

I post the new update every Wednesday and Saturday morning. All Alborada recaps are now listed in the sidebar to the right - below the small picture of Modesta and Doña Juana, just above the elephant. Click on the numbers (ONE TWO THREE ... ETC) to find them!

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At 8:55 AM, Blogger UniqueMonique said...

They must do a lot of "takes" when Rafael is in a scene. No child is that calm!

I say this with some authority because in the 5 minutes it took me to to read your latest update (which I really enjoy and look forward to), my 2 1/2 year old has hopped across the floor, spun in circles, pretended to make tea for me, asked me to go get her some apple juice, brushed my hair, read to her baby, climbed on a chair, mimiced me doing yoga, sung the ABC's, and asked if we can blow bubbles...

Keep up the great work!

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this for us! I was a late-comer to the show, and missed valuable background information...also I seem to not get some of the sub plots because of the language...your site has answered so many questions!

A question: Do you think that Victoria and Diego might be related? Didn't La Poderosa say that Juana suspected her of having a relationship with Juana's deceased husband? Would that mean that Diego had an affair with his sister? Is that why Aunt Isabel takes a special shining to Marina, because in reality Marina is her niece, but doesn't know it, except as in some novelas "la sangre llama"?....or did La Poderosa say that Juana suspected the senior Conde had an affair with La Poderosa, which means Victoria and Luis are related?

Another question: Do you think that Juana and her brother could have had an affair, which would have compelled her to really believe that her son was the rightful heir to the status of conde, and why she switched the babies? Which could also explain the reason why her son is so outrageous?

Another question: Why does Luis always wear black?

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why Luis always wears black, but I am wondering why Asuncion (Hipolita's mother) now dresses beautifully, when at the beginning of the series while still living on the estate she dressed like a scullery maid.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From now on I will always read your recaps before watching the story - I remember your comments and laugh even more!

For example, every time I see Hipolita's chest heaving I have to smile :)


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