Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"An Experiment in Alternative Publishing"

Via Miss Snark, who called it "the coolest thing since cupcakes."

This Ethshar publishing model is darn cool, and represents another fresh approach to being paid for content in a world of piracy.
I'm Lawrence Watt-Evans, author of some three dozen novels and hundreds of short stories, articles, etc. One of my best-known series has been the Legends of Ethshar ...

Alas, no major mainstream publisher is interested in continuing the Ethshar series at present. On the other hand, I had several readers saying they desperately want to see more. I decided to see whether enough of them were willing to put their money where their mouths are ...

How does it work?

From April to October I posted the first draft of The Spriggan Mirror, the ninth novel in the series, chapter by chapter. The last two chapters, along with the epilogue and some endnotes, were posted on October 16, 2005. ... each week, if I'd received another $100 in donations (as I always did), I posted another chapter. ... If more than the $100 target came in, as it usually did, the extra was credited toward the following chapter.

This system was partly inspired by the Street Performer Protocol, and by the system known as the Storyteller's Bowl, but I've modified them to suit my purposes...

Can we read it for free?

For now, yes, but I'll be taking most of it down by New Year's Eve, as I've been approached by an e-publisher who wants exclusive web rights.
(Here's my report on a previous experiment.)

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At 3:49 PM, Blogger CGHill said...

Wow. I remember Watt-Evans from the days when I was pulling down SF-related Echomail on FidoNet. (I was the moderator of the CONTROV echo for some of that era.) Even then he was looking for new methods of distribution.


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